Sunday, August 7, 2011

Does need be?

there was something New 
Something untold 
they spoke in shrieking 
I loved you. when 
there was time 
then It was all Gobbled 
up with greedy 
Licking tongues. 
they devour the thought 
Devour the mind 
Mind that I never knew 
But Now. I think 
That once you Knew 
sing the little Ashen days 
Into A dusting. tray
scratching nerves keep tender
Dreams harking late Nights 
into seeping dawns 
I had You when. you Gave
time to trace the Craven 
clouds into Ticking holes 
they Scream in the nights when 
Sunlight shuts up Her eyes. 
Chasing me into the Grave

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