Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Notes Collected

A thing is only what is appears to be based on the perception of the viewer. 
Think what are the assumptions being made. 
The body becomes inscribed by each series of events. 
Bodies are coded, a paradox of state and the individual. 
Consider what is being free. 
Reason may rule over the body, control through hierarchy. 
Gesture creates disruption of unity. 
Yet the coded and uncoded slip past everything. 
Sign and meaning is the perception to transform. 
Escape the miscommunication. 
Words are arbitrary relationships to the object. 

Nothing but itself. 


A maddening decent 
Pulsing static eating out the day 
Making waves, stunted by new barriers. 

Don't forget to keep on breathing 
Lungs struggling in resounding 

Just wanted to see 
Whats the reason of 
nothingness, puffing away. 

Nice things shine blindingly, 
A sleepless night a doubt in dream 
deep breath and jump. 

It was meant to be a pleasant day.