Wednesday, August 18, 2010


An edging emotion
Wrought with fear
deep blood gurgling
out of passion
only moments
Before the nothing after.
Can you Regret nothing,
A jaded attempt at
An association with culture
Blinded, lost in language.
A flower, a simple gesture
Lost, forgotten, never remembered
When you aren’t doing
Much good
A possibility to
Utter nothingness
Eats away.
Raging dreams,
Haunted with his face,
Images creating
Luggage. Lost in dreaming.
A hope
Too fearful to materialize.
Not love,
Maybe immature passion,
Fear, crippling into
That knows no end.
Rather beginnings with
Cheated regrets.
Following undeveloped passion
An impulsive ploy
To live, the mind
Overshadowing the liver’s
Reckless inhabitation.
The ardor pulling away
Petals of youth
Fading ever so
Into the
Never, never.

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